So You Want a Time Capsule?

Hey there,

You have been given a time capsule. You can go back to whichever time you want in your life and change something about it. Do you think your life will be better if you do so? 

Do you think your adulthood will be a smoother journey? Don’t you think there will still be a different problem than the one you are currently facing? 

The truth is that your life will not be considerably better. You will still face challenges, just that they will be grossly different from what you currently know.

If changing our past only changes the problems, what can we really do to address these problems?

I wish You didn’t Have to Read This Sad Truth

Many young people like you will struggle for most of their adulthood by no fault of their own.

The chances are that you will worry about finances, peers, love life, companionship, career progress, immediate success, faith, identity, independence… the list goes on and on. 

Each one of these issues and the ones you are currently facing will pose a challenge. Depending on the severity, you can spiral into crisis with emotional and physical pain. We all hate pain. 

Eventually, you may stumble across a solution that works for a few years, and you are back at the struggle where they started. 

Both Success and Struggles are replicable. Which Would You Choose?

That’s because no template helps you systematically work through the challenge you face. There are so many who aspire to perspire people selling solutions that either do not work or are myopic at best.

That means that every 2 to 3 years from the beginning of adulthood, young adults and even older ones get into a crisis and ask new questions about the same things they have asked before. 

These are questions about your identity, place, finance and the millions of things that should be going on in your life.

Nothing is worse than asking questions and not getting the right answers. It doubles the problem.

How Do You Find Answers to Life’s Big Questions?

But let me ask you a few questions: 

What if you found a fireproof way or method that you can use to always resolve your conflicts?

How would you like to be head and shoulders above your peers because you have the key to figure out any challenge you have as a young adult?

How would you like to look back at your life some 15 years from now and be absolutely proud of the choices you made? 

Would you reject a key or a tool that significantly changes your life as a young adult forever? 

How much are you willing to give for a solve-it-all template that will last you a lifetime?

Does it sound like something you’d move the world for?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will want to read this till the end. There is a sure-fire way to get to what you desire. 

You Can Win at Adulting With This Peerless Formula

Adulthood is a new stage of life and should be played by different rules. What are the rules? That’s why you should pay attention to what I’m about to show you.

“The whirlwind of adulthood is a classic case of what you ordered vs what you got. You soon discover that your life as a grownup differs from what you originally dreamt or even planned. As you work through this period of your life, you need all the help you can get. Half Past 20 is one such help.”

Half Past 20 is a book that helps young adults put down the baggage of expectations carried from childhood and adolescence into adulthood.

What Half Past 20 Will Help You Achieve

Half Past 20 is written specifically with you in mind. It has short, simple chapters without any fluff and straight to the point. It starts with a way to overhaul your current perspective and change the things in your immediate line of sight. 

The perspective you currently have on some of the questions you have and the pain you are feeling have remained the same since you were a teenager or adolescent.

You have formed a system of belief and perception that makes you keep going back to the same place. 

You have maintained a certain perspective to life that you haven’t questioned in a long while, even when you question the things in and around you. Perspective is one of those things that we have no idea exists in a room. 

But when you see things differently and consider a new perspective, you start to emerge from your issues.

A new perspective allows you to access whole and rounded solutions you didn’t know existed before.

Half Past 20 will help you save time and effort, eliminate worry, eliminate pain, make you feel more alive. You will be able to focus on your life goals and achieve them faster than you would if you spent time focusing or trying to find answers to your problems. 

Half Past 20 also allows you to create a template you can always return to if the problem arises again. It’s like a cooking recipe, but for life big problems, challenges and questions. 

Here’s What Others are saying:

Here’s what Ruth said when she eventually Read half Past 20: 

“Ever read a book that made you feel like you knew a particular character personally? A book that made you feel like you were living someone else’s life through it’s pages? With half past 20, I felt connected to a character, but not a fictional one. I felt connected to parts of myself, at different stages of my adulting journey. One great thing about the book is that it highlights common struggles of life as a young adult, and profers practical solutions to them. I’m definitely reading this book again!”

If that’s not enough, here’s what IyanuOluwa said: 

“First off, I’m definitely reading this book again. Half Past 20 is a book for almost all age groups; teenagers, young adults, old adults, etc. It’s not a one-off subscription kinda book, it’s a book to refer back to every other day, especially in times of the inevitable crisis and downtimes that adulthood comes with. Half Past 20 is a pal that would tell you the stinging truth as it is and rub some honey on it. A book that holds your hands or rather your eyes open, walk you through adulthood. Like most manuals, reading and rereading Half Past 20, is exactly how to get the juicy wisdom out of it.”

Just to bring it home a little more, here’s what Abiola said:

I’ve finished reading the book, but I’m definitely going back to it. It’s so realistic that I felt like each chapter was talking about a certain point in my life with flashbacks. I learnt from the book n I really can’t wait to put some things into practice. I’m definitely going back to it.”


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