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Here’s why young adults struggle so much.

Imagine You Were Chosen for an Adventure

If you were chosen as part of the latest set of people to be part of an adventure that is exhilarating but dangerous, how would you prepare?

Let me guess; you would talk to the organizers and find out the adventure entails, right? You will also talk to those who have come back from the adventure to find out the things you need to know, right? You will prepare, pick your tools and prepare your mind, right?

Exactly! No matter what you do, you will never go unprepared.

So, Why Do We Start Adulthood Unprepared?

But adulthood is even a bigger adventure, so why do we start adulthood unprepared? Why do we even think that the journey to success in life is something we can stumble on as a young adult? Isn’t that why you struggle so much?  

Think about this critically. You become an adult before you know it, and most of what you believe adults should do, you learn by observing. But why is this an unfair way to prepare for adulthood?  

Because every single action you see any adult take today is engineered by a thought process. If you can’t walk through that thought process, you will not be able to understand why a decision is the best when there are other alternatives.

Develop A Winning Strategy For Adulthood

So how can you develop your own thought process that gives you the best shot at adulthood? How do you frame your mind to allow you to make the best decision per time and avoid dangerous consequences?

If you have made errors before, how do you start to correct them? What is the best way to observe and imbibe the actions that has led to success for those around you?

Finding Your Best Path

It’s with great love I present to you, Half Past 20, a book that allows you to develop your thought process and teaches you to observe better.

In Half past 20, the goal is simple. I’ll walk you through many of the faulty mental maps you have ignored up to this point and show you how they have shaped your experience of adulthood.

You will learn how to structure for success, position for breakthrough, and find satisfaction right where you are. You will be able to recalibrate your thinking and totally change everything that has held you back up till this point.

Your adulthood can be a wilding success, but you need to set yourself in the path that leads to whatever that success means for you. Half Past 20 helps you find your own way to freedom and success.

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