Honesty Can Change Your Life

Adulting is difficult, but that doesn’t mean we should be clueless about who we are, where we are going and what we should be doing.

Sometimes we can lose our footing. Like a newborn baby learning to walk,  you will fall when you first start walking, but you will have to get back up, walk again, and fail again. You can’t skip this stage

Through this stage, you are going to need help. But vulnerability is another monster we are so scared to confront.

Notwithstanding, no matter how long it takes and how hard it is, we should be able to have a measure of control over where we are heading and who we want to be.

So if you currently feel that this honesty and vulnerability is a task you are scared to undertake because it is so enormous, and might unleash emotions you have locked away somewhere, here are two things  for you.

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I’ve spent most of my life around young adults, listening to them and hearing their pains about the complexities of figuring out the mental game of adulthood. Out of those discussions, I’ve curated a book that helps you face this humongous task of honesty and vulnerability.

It breaks down the issues you really should be looking at and how you can step away from the quagmire.

You deserve to figure out the beautiful enigma that adulthood is. But if you are uncertain about most part of it, how do you even do so?

Here is Half Past 20. Every young adult guide to answering the questions they are afraid to ask. This book will change the way you see your adulthood and transform the way you approach it.

Here’s what Ruth said when she eventually Read half Past 20:

“Ever read a book that made you feel like you knew a particular character personally? A book that made you feel like you were living someone else’s life through it’s pages? With half past 20, I felt connected to a character, but not a fictional one. I felt connected to parts of myself, at different stages of my adulting journey. One great thing about the book is that it highlights common struggles of life as a young adult, and profers practical solutions to them. I’m definitely reading this book again!”

If that’s not enough, here’s what IyanuOluwa said:

“First off, I’m definitely reading this book again. Half Past 20 is a book for almost all age groups; teenagers, young adults, old adults, etc. It’s not a one-off subscription kinda book, it’s a book to refer back to every other day, especially in times of the inevitable crisis and downtimes that adulthood comes with. Half Past 20 is a pal that would tell you the stinging truth as it is and rub some honey on it. A book that holds your hands or rather your eyes open, walk you through adulthood. Like most manuals, reading and rereading Half Past 20, is exactly how to get the juicy wisdom out of it.”

Just to bring it home a little more, here’s what Abiola said:

I’ve finished reading the book, but I’m definitely going back to it. It’s so realistic that I felt like each chapter was talking about a certain point in my life with flashbacks. I learnt from the book n I really can’t wait to put some things into practice. I’m definitely going back to it.”

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